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  • Expectations at Defcon

    1) Have you ever been to Defcon before?
    2) What are your expectations when attending Defcon this year?

    This is especially interesting to me from the view of people that have never attended Defcon, but it could also be interesting to see what people expect after having been to Defcon before.

    I'm looking for any kind of correlation between people's expectations and their having attended one or more previous Defcon.

    Do you expect to lurk while at con? Do you expect people will recognize you? Do you expect to meet up with people you've only known online for the first time in "real life" ?
    Maybe you expect to win when competing in a contest this year. Maybe you expect to do better in a contest this year than last year, but you don't expect to win. Maybe you expect nothing, because you don't want to influence your experience. Do you expect the Riviera will screw up your reservations? Do you expect problems at the airport? Maybe you expect problems while driving a bunch of equipment over Hoover dam? Do you expect to hit a big rock or deer while driving to Defcon?

    Expectations are like predictions, but with a component of desire and interest and maybe a sense of entitlement depending on your definition of the word.

    1) So, have you been to Defcon before?
    2) What do you expect this year?

    1) Yes. I've been to Defcon.

    2) I expect to have fun at the Toxic BBQ, and bring at least one of my friends to Defcon this year. I also expect that something interesting will happen this year, like the undercover reporter from the past, or the Cisco IOS issue, or the denial by the courts for presentations on subway hacking. Odds favor the event being related to a speaking engagement.
    I expect to have fun, and take lots of pictures.


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    Re: Expectations at Defcon

    1) Yes, Defcon 15

    2) I did not participate in any contests on my first visit. This time I'd like to attend a few things. Playing in the lock picking village would be one of those. Everyone should check out the new Geo Caching idea as well, sounds awesome! I don't expect anyone to recognize me except for a couple of real life friends... perhaps that will change after several visits. I just expect to have a blast this year... oh and one heck of a geeky network setup in my hotel room :) ... and gambling a bit of $$$ and winning this year. I will definitely take a camera this year, something I regret not taking the first time.


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      Re: Expectations at Defcon

      i expect people to buy me beer.
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        Re: Expectations at Defcon

        1. Been going since Defcon 8.

        2. I expect to have the best time of 2009.


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          Re: Expectations at Defcon

          1. Been to the past few

          2. I expect to be recognized, I expect to meet up with people who I've only spoken to online, and I expect to place better in the contraption cooling contest. Then again, I didn't expect any of those and they all happened the last 2 years, so all bets are off.


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            Re: Expectations at Defcon

            Yes I've been to Defcon before... twice in the last three years and once a long time ago.

            I also expect to have fun at the Toxic BBQ, and to go broke buying drinks for people.


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              Re: Expectations at Defcon

              1) Have I been to Defcon before?

              Yes, Defcon 8, a few in between, 14, 15, & 16

              2) What are your expectations when attending Defcon this year?
              Having yet another awesome Ribeye at the ToxicBBQ grilled by GM1 (Awesome!!!)
              Going to the Defcon Shoot, Finally!!!
              Having more lame pussies complain that I'm being too totalitarian as a Goon. (I live for complaints)
              Enjoying the camaraderie of the Goons, staff and general populous.
              Hoping we're going to have another "Media infiltrator"
              Going to Siviaks Party...

              Actually trying to see a few talks... (I say that every year as a Goon)
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              Have you ever BEEN to Defcon?


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                Re: Expectations at Defcon

                1) yes, i have been to a couple

                2) To become even more drunk on power. I'm currently sitting at 'politician' when I want to be at 'fat southern sheriff'.

                I return whatever i wish . Its called FREEDOWM OF RANDOMNESS IN A HECK . CLUSTERED DEFEATED CORn FORUM . Welcome to me


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                  Re: Expectations at Defcon

                  1) Yes

                  2) To renew acquaintances with old friends; buy a few beers for those deserving; enjoy some quality time in the wireless and lockpick villages; attend more talks and hopefully convince my FBI friend to come again this year. (he got his shirt but I forgot to ask Priest for mine!)
                  Will Hack for Bandwidth


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                    Re: Expectations at Defcon

                    1) Yes i've been going since 9, haven't missed one yet.

                    2) I expect to take pictures and get drunk, but not in that order.


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                      Re: Expectations at Defcon

                      1. No, this is my first defcon.

                      2. I expect to have a blast learning new things and meeting new people. I hope to be able to attend the toxic bbq and the noobie talks that are being planned. I expect that despite my best efforts to learn what not to do by lurking in the forums I will most likely still upset someone at the con. I also expect to buy people's friendship and mercy through alcohol. I will most likely spend a large part of my time figuring out what events I want to participate in the future by lurking at the contest. I am also planning on being shown how little I really know, but finding a direction I can go in on improving that. I hope to make new friends, and pray to God himself that I don't get my camera smashed by someone.
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                        Re: Expectations at Defcon

                        1. Been going since DC14.

                        2. I expect to show up, hang out with friends that I haven't seen since the previous DC, get completely ruined four nights in a row, hack the badge, wander the strip looking for good food, and maybe see who left their infrared on.


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                          Re: Expectations at Defcon

                          1. This will be my 4th DEFCON

                          2. I expect to enjoy the camaraderie of the friends I have made, which comes only too rarely. I also expect I will meet some cool new people. Other than that it will be some work, some play, and the satisfaction of seeing everything come together.


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                            Re: Expectations at Defcon

                            1) Yes. I've been to Defcon since DC15.

                            2) I expect to have fun and take more pictures, go to the Toxic BBQ (I know shame on me for not going before), have a lot of drinks with friends I haven't seen since last Defcon, and go to some very interesting talks :)
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                              Re: Expectations at Defcon

                              1)Started going @ DC15
                              2) Expectations?
                              • Possibly a larger venue due to traffic problems in the Riv
                              • An additional track to make it more likely that the cool stuff is scheduled at the same time.
                              • Self serving: Podcasters Meetup makes another appearance
                              • The tools that are released get posted to the DC site post-con
                              • That the badges arrive on time :-)
                              • That another idiot of the press tries to sneak in
                              • That CTF unexpectedly blows everyone's brain
                              • The internet is once more threatened by the end of the world
                              • That the "Internet Super Lawyer" is under attack once again by mean evil hackers
                              • That Larry Pesce is once again shown on a slide naked with only his tattoos and a WRT54G covering his wife's property
                              • That Priest will continue to scare the pants off some of the younger con goers by trowing one of Lost's contraptions at them
                              • That Skydog will once again loose his shirt is a freak accident at the Hacker Pimps party
                              • That the Wall of Sheep will increase in victims once again, instead of decrease
                              • That DarkTangent will wear a different color of spikes during closing ceremony
                              • That Christopher Hoff will NOT forget to leave his computer unlocked on stage at a Hacker conference
                              • That once again, someone will think it's funny to hack the ATM, get caught and hauled off by Riv security

                              And last but not least, that the hotel staff will CLOSE THE POOL before the goon swim.
                              2 cents deposited