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    The forum would like to thank you for your input.
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      I found DEFCON ISLAND!

      (see attached)
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        how are we going to get all the migdet natives off it?

        i've got it! Small-Pox!
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          My Defcon X Review...or something like that

          Well, It started early friday morning I flew into Vegas from Phoenix, Az. The ticket was only like 55 bucks so I couldn't pass that up. Arrived to vegas at about 7:00 a.m. and went to Dennys by the MGM. A very popular event. We raised a little hell in there, the tables were crowded with laptops, wireless antennas, a few plates, and other various computer equipment. Afer that me and 2 guys went to get the most needed part of the con. BEER!. We picked up 2 30 packs of Bud and an 18 of Heineken.

          Then we proceded to alexis park, as soon as I got out of the vehicle me and the people I was with started cracking the beers. It was just a little before 9:00 a.m. We went and got our badges and shit and went to my buddys room. There was about 10 - 15 of us just drinkin it up. After chillin there for awhile I went with BlakeM and tmbg to go get his room. It was a nice suite. We had a jacuzzi which we put to use by getting drunk and putting our feet in the "scolding hot water". I don't know how this came about, but I remember someone saying "red dude come over here and put your legs in this scolding water"..

          Anyways we walked around and drank ALOT on the first day we had to go to some super k mart or some shit to pick up more booze. Our good friend pneumonia lives in Vegas so he knew exactly where to go. We loaded up on bug, mgd, vodka, and some boonze farm for this dumb girl rebekah or something (also known as bread_). Well we forced her to drink 2 bottles of boonze and soon she was falling all over and having guys "feel her up". After a little we proceded to lock her ass in the guest closet...BECAUSE WE COULD!.

          Wel anyways on to the night. We were all gettin pretty shitfaced so some of the crew decided to walk around vegas. I decided not to go cause I don't know if you're alowed to carry a chest full of beer around vegas into the casinos and shit and drink it up. The other half of the people wen to sleep So I was walkin around by myself. I decided to load up on beer and go to the convention area. there I met some dudes on the hall (I dont remember any names) and we were chillin. The funny thing is I was drinkin MGD at the time and evrytime I went back to the room to get more beer I passed these dudes outside and they were drinking MGD also so we were like.."YEAH ALRIGHT MGD WOO!" or something of the sort. I think it was just a bunch of mumbled yells.

          Well after my friends got back we walked to the con again. Now this is a very important part, if any of you remember this please respond. There as a dude with kinda long hair (me) and I was walking by the first pool, and there was one of those guard rails by it. And i took it and pushed it right into the pool. Then one of those cocksucker guards told me I had to get it out. And I got one of those long ass poles to fetch shit out of the pool. Well i couldn't get it out so my friend jumped in the pool and helped me get it out. I remember hand the guard my 4 beers (doublefisging baby) and told him to hold them for me real quick, and I was yelling "This is a live one". I remember some people taking pictures. if any of you have those please tell me!

          I can't remember what all else happened that night.. Oh yeah my friend comic_1 got in a fight with a fed who was trying to get into our room cause we had a stripper in there. The dude tried to get into our room and he was like "Fuck you, get the fuck out of our room" Then shoved his ass into the door and hallway outside. Then the little fed bitch went to go complain to preist. They didn't do shit...

          Well the next day was pretty fun. We woke up after it being about 33 degrees in our room, and I had no blankets. So I decided to go lay on the linolem by the refigerator in our room because it blew a little warm air out the bottom of it. So i curled up by that, and it only warmed up my arm. I don't know what i was thinking. I was too drunk to realize that just cause it was cold in the room it's not cold outside. I was thinkin it was winter or something.. I don't remember much of the day except takin a picture with some hot chick in a bikini.

          At night we went to go get what we though was gonna be a great dinner at a place called terribles. That's exactl what it was. $2.99 for some fucked up eggs, undercooked saugage, and burnt ass bacon. The toast was prettyt okay though. We were pretty drunk and loud. Some guy that was sitting at the table next to us made some comment like "I'm leaving because of these loud motherfuckers" We didn't take that too well and comic stood up to fight him but I didn't feel like getting arrested in vegas. So we left and went to try to find his ass outside, but we didn't.. :(

          I went to some of the hacker jeopardy but it was pretty boring so we all went back to the room to watch it on tv, where we could be loud and had all the beer cold there. Then all of a sudden comic_1 comes running to the room from HJ, and he told us we HAD to listen to this shit. So we were watching and all of a sudded you hear "SHOW SOME TITTIES" He was right up by the stage and yelled that shit. He had to get escorted out. it was pretty funny if you ask me.

          Sunday during the day was boring as fuck. Alot of people were leaving so there wasn't much to do. But you people that left early (haha dumbasses) missed out on the kegger in the room and by the pool. For those of you by the room upstairs, you will remember that domanatrix chic whipping those guys with here little bondage whip. I told her that was weak and handed her my 100% leater belt. She proced to fuck some dude up pretty good with it. Then security came and told us we had to stop. So after then i guess the keg went down by the pool or was it another keg? I dont remember, but I do remember a table full of liqour, and some hippy dude making badass drinks. he was wearing an orange shirt that said "The Smoke dePOT" Just the The Home Depot. Well we got pretty drunk and some kids got thrown in the pool.

          That's all i really remember, alot more shit happened but i can't recall it. We ate at Subway (*****) a few times. All in all I had a damn good time. and you can guarantee I will be at Defcon XI. You can check out some of our pics at

          Have fun guys. And thanks for the fun.


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            Re: My Defcon X Review...or something like that

            Originally posted by redxer
            Well, It started early friday morning I flew into Vegas from Phoenix, Az. The ticket was only like 55 bucks so I couldn't pass that up.

            You can check out some of our pics at

            Next year save your 55 sound like a fucktard.

            And by the way...there is a difference between the CDC and the fuckin DOC.
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              Re: My Defcon X Review...or something like that

              Originally posted by redxer
              We were pretty drunk and loud.
              Did you actually attend Defcon, or just get drunk at the Alexis Park? Because you can get drunk at the AP all year round if you want. Next year try to make it to some of the Speaker Sessions.

              Also, the feed from Hacker Jeopardy is live. Your friend had to run pretty damn fast to get back to the room before the signal traveled over the wire to your television.

              And that party on Sunday night was thrown by 'the Hektik crew', our stickers were all over the cups, we even had them on the kegs, at least try to remember who bought the booze. We spent over a grand on that shit.

              .: Grifter :.


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                So I have hektik to thank for the booze! I had walked from pool#3 to the main desk for a new room key and it took 4 hours to get back because that party kind of sidetracked me. How can I return the favor next year?!


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                  Come to our party again. That's all we ask, and bring kool people and a kool attitude. We only have one rule at the hektik bashes: Leave your elitist attitude at the door.

                  We'll also be throwing our party Saturday Night this year. See you all there.
                  .: Grifter :.


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                    I wanna come!


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                      Hiya Grifter,
                      Yea I was made pretty welcomed at the party, no one asked who invited me, everyone was pointing to the tub where the keg lay waiting me. I felt as at home in that hotel room as with my first college party (except at DC I did not wake up married).

                      I'm doing my best to be there for a full week (Tue-Tue) and I'll even help with setup if any is needed. You guys rock!


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                        Yeah, now we don't wake up married, we just bring our wives. Which I guess makes us wake up married. Bah, you get my point.

                        I'll let you know what goes down. Anyone and everyone is invited, this forum is generally well stocked with kool people.
                        .: Grifter :.


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                          Well it is Las Vegas, maybe you can wake up divorced and remarried. :D


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                            Originally posted by astcell
                            Yea I was made pretty welcomed at the party, no one asked who invited me, everyone was pointing to the tub where the keg lay waiting me.
                            Umm, astcell, yer so damn tall and imposing that I doubt anyone would have told you no, you can't come in here.
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                              Same here.. I did not know anyone there (except the two folks that were with me) and everyone treated me like a freind they had not met before.
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                                But they were not trying to hide the booze either. Maybe they were just happy that all I took was alcohol and never asked for I.D.'s. Sort of like a kickback. :D