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    Forums going down for maintenance Wed., April 20, 2022. Expected to be down from 7pm until maybe 9pm PDT.


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      Work on forums is complete. They are back online.


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        welcome back

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      Expect forum maintenance from 00:30:00 Pacific time until maybe 03:30:00 Pacific time May 18, 2022:
      Working on some upgrades.

      Super Bonus Time!
      More work being conducted on the DEF CON Forums. Expect further interruptions. Now, expecting to finish by 05:00:00 Pacific time if it all goes well.
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        Upgraded forum software, platform, kernel, and php.

        New forum software updates include:

        * Better support for media that can be uploaded
        * Support for custom media types to be supported as attachments: we will test this soon
        * Some issues with some UTF8 characters have been fixed
        * Various bugs fixed

        Please let us know if you see issues.


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          Forum maintenance starting at noon pacific time, maybe lasting 3 hours. Expected service interruptions over this time.


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            Originally posted by number6 View Post
            Forum maintenance starting at noon pacific time, maybe lasting 3 hours. Expected service interruptions over this time.
            More work and testing is being done. Maintenance should be complete by 3pm Pacific time.

            Please let us know about problems you find on the forums after 3pm Pacific time.



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              Mobile app is happy with the changes
              PGP Key:


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                Maintenance completed with reboot 1 minutes after 3pm. Sorry I was late. A last minute additional upgrade was applied.
                Forums OS and underlying forum software has been upgraded. Please let us know if you find problems with the forums since 3:01pm pacific time today.


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                  Forum maintenance should now be complete. Please let us know if you see issues. Thanks!


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                    We have completed another round of maintenance. Please let us know if you see issues. If you can't contact us on the forums you can try email to and if that fails, then email to

                    Some changes:
                    * webp images are now supported inline: when you compose a post, in the "Advanced editor" should be an icon which looks like a landscape image. Selecting that has allowed you to add in-line images also available at attachments. Up until now, inclusion of webp images would show you the image inline in the editor, but once you posted it, the inline image would no longer be visible, except as an attachment at the bottom for people to download. This change makes webp images included inline stay inline for browsers that support display of webp images.
                    * When you create a new thread, you can specify it is a question ("No Prefix" , "Announcement" , "FAQ/Guide" , "Question".) If you specify it is a "Question" then you can choose one of the answers in the replies as "the" answer, which embeds a copy of your selected answer at the top. (New feature from past upgrades.) Vendor added new feature: Search allows you to include searches with answers selected.
                    * Vendor removed the See More link on Article previews. This link was causing an issue when the end-user had permission to view the Article Preview but did not have permission to view the Article.
                    * Vendors altered Name cards: (When you click on a link for a username, such as in a post, you can see a pop-up name-card:) Name Cards have been updated to remove hover effects on the buttons. The change allows them to work better with touch devices that do not support hover.
                    * Vendor updated parsting of hashtags in bb markup [-code-] segments: Hashtags will not be parsed in text posted between [ code ]...[ /code ] tags.
                    * New Lines will be maintained in bb markup [-code-] segments
                    * Copy-and-paste of images into a post you are composing has some support: Users can now use Copy and Paste to upload images into their posts. Users should be warned that image sizes may not be what they expected on paste. They can control the image size by hovering over an image and using the drag tool in the lower right corner. Users can also double-click (double-tap on a touch device) an image to bring up the properties window to change the size Note: Firefox does not allow pasting multiple images at one time. Firefox also does not support the copy and paste of WebP images.

                    * This new version appears to have better support for allowing specifying use of more modern image types. Do you have an image type you think should be supported as an attachment? Let us know.


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                      Forums suffered a resource limit issue earlier today resulting in an error for everyone about "Gateway timeout", so I shut down access to the forums, and services related to the forums so I could resolve the resource issue, and then for abundance of caution, complete a repair/check of all DB tables before returning to service. Down-time was less than 2 hours. No data from DB was lost.

                      Please let us know if you see issues. Thanks!


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                        Minor upgrade this evening. Please let us know if you see issues. Thanks!


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                          Maintenance on DEF CON Forums planned tonight, 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT, Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022.


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                            Forums have been upgraded. Please let us know if you find any problems.


                            Vendor claims that NOW the editor should support: Users can now drag and drop images directly into the Editor pane. They no longer need to be dropped on the Attachment pane.

                            Vendor claims that bugs with bad aspect ration for inline videos should be fixed, and video control should show up in firefox.

                            ​Other fixes claimed by vendor:
                            • The Contact Us form now uses the Webmaster Email address as the From address.
                            • Poll Voters should show up on public polls now.
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                              System upgrade completed. Testing post. Please let us know if you see issues.