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#Badge Life - Got a badge to show off or sell?

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  • #Badge Life - Got a badge to show off or sell?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DC27-badgelife.jpg Views:	600 Size:	136.6 KB ID:	232000

    #Badgelife is a big part of the DEF CON experience, and it will adapt for Safe Mode this year!

    Got a badge you are building or a project you want to show off or need help with? Here is the place!
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    Guess I'd better hustle the hell up and build Stardew Valley Tribute Badge #3 then. I'll post something in a day or two.


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      I'd be saddened to not add any of this years badges to my collection.
      Also I'm always looking to buy non-human badges from previous years and human badges from DC 19,20, and 21 that I'm missing.
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      • Dark Tangent
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      For those that build and make badges, please let me know if/when you have a badge that you are looking to sell. I am always interested in acquiring your artwork and adding it to my collection.


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        No Whiskey Pirates badge this year, but people from our group are working on different badges:
        • Aask's Internet of Batteries WiFi badge
        • AOA DISAGREE (original and new DIGITAL EDITION) addon
        • SPACE FORCE 2020 badge
        With changes this year we'll need to work out what firmware will do. Let's hope we have the time and ability to make something fun.

        Will post photos and details closer to DC date.
        Sometimes, thinking outside of the box just makes you homeless.


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          Will there be a official Defcon Safemode Badge mister DarkTangent ? Shout out to Coco the corona bat!


          • alxhh
            alxhh commented
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            Cannot be shipped to Germany ;(

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          This was to be our first foray into offering an indie badge - the eChallengeCoin! Is an electronic challenge coin (44mm diameter) with 3 interacting challenges, 3 story challenges (via its UART interface) and a bonus to unlock. It even comes in a coin holder case! We already produced about 50 and have parts for 50 more. We are looking for suggestions on how to make these available!


          • mithrix
            mithrix commented
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            suforeman - No problem and no apology needed. Things do happen. I got notified this morning and all is well. I look forward to receiving them!

          • KaiserZr
            KaiserZr commented
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            Didn't get a chance to comment after receiving mine, but this was awesome and well made. Keep up the good work!

          • madamorr
            madamorr commented
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            PM sent as I want this!

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          Thanks! we knew less than nothing when we started - just the idea that an elecronic challenge coin sounded cool. what a ride!
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            We would be interested in any consensus on how to make these available. It would be great if all of the badgelife “consumers” have an easy way to find all of the badgelife “creators”.
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            • Dark Tangent
              Dark Tangent commented
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              You could always just offer them for sale? Or for trade, as a reward for a contest, etc.

            • Miswired
              Miswired commented
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              Hopefully this forum will help collect badges being offered, but I agree with Suforeman, a directory or main store hub would be very helpful. :)

            • Nikita
              Nikita commented
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              This might seem atypical, but for individual sellers if we're talking small to medium batches, paypal goods and services invoices are really easy to manage selling and shipping for a home ship type operation. You'll take less seller fees than places like ebay, etsy, mercari, etc. You just need to take orders your preferred way and then do the rest through paypal invoices with their email address. That is what i would do, if I had 1000 badges to sell. 1000 or more, i'd adjust my plans, but I could easily ship and sell 1k badges from home using a direct paypal approach, saves on shipping too. ( US domestic)

              (I'll add, i know this because I sell things online as a hobby in BST communities, and that's my preferred and most cost effective approach for me) .
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            Maybe this is the right place to post this, but has anything been proposed, or in works, for a badge this year? Something that can be ordered online, or even a company like hackerboxes that may have capacity to deliver mass quantities of badges? Just a thought.


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              Yes, we are working on a badge we plan to sell to help cover costs.

              Logistically we are thinking through how to produce and ship them in time for people to have them by con.
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              • hdanielson
                hdanielson commented
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                AWESOME YOU MADE MY DAY! Cannot Wait! Thanks #badgelife

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              It looks like Tindie will be the vehicle for making the eChallengeCoin available. We are working REALLY hard to make sure the internlational shipping options are fair and affordable.

              For those who want a little background on the eChallengeCoin, there is a short video over on instagram:


              we are frantically making a few other “introduction” videos to replace IRL demonstration.
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              • BldyFrog
                BldyFrog commented
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                Keeping eyes open for purchase instructions...

              • 5ignull
                5ignull commented
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                This is exceptionally creative. I've been looking for challenge coin ideas to boost morale at work and such. This is an excellent and very unique item that can inspire and be exceptionally memorable to the recipient. Again, any help you are looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out. Send me a PM!

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              We are just waiting on the Tindie approval process. Domesting (USA) shipping will be easy. If tou are international we hopectou will be patient as we try to get reasonable shipping costs.

              In the meantime, the “eChallengeCoin - Getting Started” video is up!



              • suforeman
                suforeman commented
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                well, the first 40 sold out. we will getvthose shipped and make another batch.

              • ftalligator
                ftalligator commented
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                I'm very excited about receiving these! Thanks for doing all of this and making such a cool badge/coin. :)

              • mithrix
                mithrix commented
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                Nice! Missed the first round. Looking forward to getting in on the next batch... :)

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              Just checking with the community to see if any luscious badges are available. Let us know when they are up for acquisition.


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                I got on the wait list and just ordered mine! Looking forward to it! Meant to reply to thread - talking about the e-challenge coin.