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    Originally posted by IcEbLAze
    as for the fellow who posted about RATM; They broke up bro... yes there good, and will be played for a while, but there not around anymore, Zach De La Rocha was planning on doing another album with STP's band I think it was but I may be wrong about which band it is, however - that was 2 years ago I heard that and haven't seen or heard anything since.
    I realize that they broke up, but what I meant was as you said, their music will be played for a while. Didn't know about Zach doing a new album, hopefully he doesn't drop out of the music scene.
    The mighty man will become a tinder and his works a spark; both will burn together with nothing to quench the flames.


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      Originally posted by Chris

      You mention that RATM broke up in the same breath as being curious why no one mentioned not one, but TWO bands who haven't put a studio album out in 10 years (Nirvana) and 8 years (AIC). Because their singers are dead.

      Not to mention Nirvana is the most overrated band in the history of man.
      RATM isn't quite talked or liked as Nirvana by the media because of the touchy subjects, maybe Nirvanas is overrated however they seem to be the symbol of the times.. I put Alice in chains up there because they are one of my favorite bands, yes I know there both dead, however the hype Nirvana has will definetly put it in the 20 year playing history, just like Tupac's legacy... people still think the two are still alive, and that's all media hype as well..

      P.S. it is a little confusing, I believe I tried to put 2 thoughts into one post heh.
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      For my own piece of mind - I'm going to
      Tear your fucking eyes out
      Rip your fucking flesh off
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      Fuck you and your progress
      Watch me fucking regress
      You were meant to take the fall - now you're nothing
      Payback's a bitch motherfucker!

      Slayer - Payback


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        I think Billie Holiday will make it 20 years... she's pretty catchy she is.

        Good music never dies, but.. then again disco and glam don't either. ...there is good rap (nwa, public enemy, ...), then there is 50cent... Just because the band can act like they are yanking down on the strings really hard, doesn't make them punk, metal, or hard by any measure

        Cliff Em All!!
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          "punk only exists because people think that it's easy to copy the ramones"
          "Those who would willingly trade essential liberty for temporary security are deserving of neither." --Benjamin Franklin


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            Originally posted by converge
            I think Billie Holiday will make it 20 years...
            Yes...but will Billie Armstrong?

            Originally posted by converge
            Cliff Em All!!
            perl -e 'print pack(c5, (41*2), sqrt(7056), (unpack(c,H)-2), oct(115), 10)'