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Defcon in Las vegas

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  • Defcon in Las vegas

    Im new to defcon and a friend told me about your meetings in august. I just need to know things like \

    fast food joints/

    I heard since i am a high school student i can get a discount ?

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    Part 2

    I livein nj. Is there somethign simular or the same for me . airplane is going to cost at least 350 for a 2 day flight. your talking a little bit more then a weekend job can play off.


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      $50 is really not that much, considering how much you get for it. Of course what the con is worth really depends on what you want to get out of it. If you can't come up with that money, and if you can come up with the $350 for the flight another $50 shouldn't be a problem, just kick it out side of the convention hall.

      If you really need the discount, I heard you can pre-register and save 10 bucks, but then that involves all sorts of ID which many who atend defcon would want to avoid.
      Don't make excuses and feel sorry for yourself, and don't try to get me to feel sorry for you either. Find a solution to your problem. maybe you can work a couple of weekdays to come up with the extra money.

      It all depends on how much you want to go, and , as I said earlier, what you expect to get out of defcon and how much it's worth to you.

      on a side note if you really need the money you could always start selling crack.


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        I agree

        i agree but right now i cannot pay 350 for airplane 200 for hotel
        50 for food transportation to hotel and back to airport another 100 dollars. I hoefully get a new laptop a thoudans bucks. now that i look at it im looking at about 1700 dollars. i guess thats dueable i make around 200 - 300 a month. yeha i can do it

        at thsi pace ill need a tleast 8 moths to get the money!always ask parents for some cash.


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          from Nj

          you can get plane tickets from southwest air for about $99 rount trip. try the travel websites and ajust times till you get a good price.
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            Yeah thx. thatll bring the cast way down.

            DO u no any sited to where i can get a cheap laptop like 5 to 700 mhz

            i guess i can settle wit a 400 mhz cpu


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              high school?

              If you are a high school student I hope you have a buddy over 21 who will get the room, they want a responsible person (i.e.- someone they can sue) on the room rental agreements.


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                Acutally, the Alexis Park resort is a non-gambling hotel, thus they are one of the few resorts in Las Vegas that only require you to be 18 to check in. This is assuming, of course that defcon is still going to be at the Alexis Park. If you want to stay on the strip, where you can get a much better price, you have to be 21 to check in at a gambling hotel/resort.

                If any of this is incorect please feel free to correct my mistakes.



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                  i am only 17 that sucks ! can a parent register me ?


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                    I think you need to show an 18+ id to check in. Unless you are going to be getting a room by yourself, just find someone over 18 to share the room with you


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                      This thread is sortof missing one point. You dont have to pay 350 bucks for a plan and 200 bucks for a hotel. Last year I paid something to the tune of 99$ for a bus ticket from NH to California. From LA I hitchhiked to Ontario, met up with the Deathrace Caravan (and made some really cool friends) and rode with them to Vegas. Then I paid a guy 50$ to let me stay on his hotel room floor, for the whole conference right at Alexis Park! The point is, that you can get by on very little money, and it's a lot more fun.
                      One of the best parts of Defcon for me is getting there and the adventure of not knowing how you will get by. Let nobody say that Defcon is chic or glamorous now, we all do our part to make it a worthwhile event! Let me be the first to volunteer my services as official Defcon smelly hitchhiker dude.
                      By the way, I will be going to New Orleans, LA for about a week before Defcon, and if there is a Louisiana caravan I would love to hop on (and am always glad to pitch in for gas!)
                      binary bandito


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                        Lol. Bandito where you gonna be hitchhiking at and when? Maybe I'll drive by and pick you up since I'm driving from southern california to vegas.


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                          i can see him

                          Can u imagine him hitchiking ? Can i get a ride! can u suck my D***. im only jk. if i have to i will hitchike. Im tutoring english, lol, soon to make enough money. ok somethign i dot get ? someone told me to go out and buy a note book from ebay they are cheap. a pentium 3 450 mhz note book goes for about 699,

                          y not go with the compaq allout notebook for 899
                          1.3 celeron
                          20 gig hd
                          32 meg vid card
                          256megs of ram

                          thats all i need. I need somethig for school

                          or i can go with the 777 mhz
                          ibook for 999


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                            Wrong Forum Area.
                            Post Moved.


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                              Not really

                              The discussion i had was what i was gonna need for ther defcon
                              i was gonna be needing a laptop. so i think i was right u guys agree ?