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    You don't really need a laptop, I went last year without one and had a great time. But being without a computer at a computer conference does sortof suck. The whole time I was there I was jonesing to feel the keys under my fingers. Even if you don't do the whole capture the flag thing (it's kindof intimidating, some of those people are brilliant) it's nice to have a computer. But you don't have to spend a fortune (is that gonna be my official Defcon message or what? frugal defcon). I got my laptop for free, and yeah it's a pentium 133 with little to no ram, but it does have a pcmcia network card and I've got it running linux (unfortunately it could never handle X11 though) and I've installed enough programs to compile, network, run a few scripts, etc. so it'll do. All I'm saying is don't feel compelled to go out and break the bank for Defcon, it's really not necessary, the only thing you really need there is a desire to learn, and hang out with some really cool people.
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      I totally agree. If i can gett a 133 or even a 200 mhz laptop. that will do. I can get a 20 gig hd for cheap off

      but the prob is :: let me show u the math

      133 laptop : 300
      20 gig hd ( id get this cause its a really good deal) 50
      128 ram : 50
      8 meg vid : 30
      battery : 100
      case 100

      im looking at about 700 to 800 dollars for a 133 laptop what i was saying is if im gonna spen 800 beans on a laptop might as well get a i book

      40 gigs 700 mhz os 10. 64 vid card. ibook 1099

      1.3 celeron 40 gig hd 32 meg vid card dvd/cdrw :: 1099 dollars

      so depends but if i can get the laptop with hd. everything. all i had to buy was an extra battery then id be fine.

      if any1 had an extra laptop and up please let me know.

      My family unfortunetly cannot spen loads of ammounts of money
      because we are a family of 6 and my mom cleans houses and my dad works in a resauraunt. and im working like nights. so if i go to defcon i can eat out or fo out with my friends. somehow im gonna get the money. so if any1 has a really good deal on a laptop please let me know through here or my email ! Damn i hate Bin Laiden. People came to my dads restaurant before this now they stay home because they need to stay alive in case of bombings. Thats the sad truth. Oh well i may even resort to another job. i come home from school 230 i work from 3 to 7
      and then i can find another job from 8 to like 12 or 1 sutttin like that so i can get a laptop. i even get paid mininum wage.


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        WINDOWSME, I love writing on this thread, because you remind me of myself when I was younger: Good Intentions but definitely confused. Now, I know you've never been to Defcon before, but I'm gonna tell you something and you'll just have to take my word: Going to Defcon is worth a lot more than a laptop. And I can say that with the understanding that I'm just like you, when I go in a computer store I get that same butterflies in the stomach, excited and horny feeling that you get at the newest laptop with all the bells and whistles.
        As I said in a previous message, I got my laptop for free, however there are plenty of ways to get one for not much more than that, even if the computer sucks. In my local newspaper (I live in New Hampshire, which is a state in the Northeast if you've never heard of it) they have a section in the classifieds called "Corner Cupboard" which is all stuff under 75$ and not only is there always at least one laptop in there, but I bet there is a section just like that in your local paper. Other than that check yard sales, pawn shops, etc.
        The whole reason I'm telling you this is that when I was your age 899$ was a lot of money for anything and I wouldn't like to see you spend all that money on a computer and then have to miss Defcon because you have no cash. Unless you are very rich, skip the laptop and go to Defcon, I can assure you that you will not regret it. And if you are very rich, you oughta buy me one as well, just for giving you all this great advice. Defcon = Priority #1 Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll = Priority #2 Laptop = Priority #3: Take that one to heart -Axl Rose

        Best wishes and Godspeed,
        The Binary Bandito


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          You are most right

          Yes you are right. I never been to defcon. I live in NJ. Next to newark. Rich i am not. Middle class, umm highle arguable. below middle class. yeap thats me. lol
          I figuered how yo get down there and back for 125 each way that isnt bad.

          I looked in my newspaper and unfortunetly people dont sell laptops

          theres a computer store selling a laptop for $500

          has a 3 gig hd 2 meg bid card umm 8x cdrom 32 megs of ram

          I think that would be a huge waste of monry that i cannot spend.

          My parents will be shipping me off ,in about a year, to college so i would need a laptop.

          I think wit 200 mhz i can run windows and office and a couple of tools.

          if anyone sees anything let me know !

          I may go to a school in hartford !


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            heres some things to think about

            If you find a ride with locals or others that are near you, take it. What you could also do, is find a caravan that is close, maybe a couple states away, take a bus to that area, and ride with the caravan to DCX. I am getting a ride with my friend, i just have to pay for gas money, and i live in CO, so i am pretty close to LV. Also, for a laptop, i want to get one too, i was looking everywhere and i found some good ones in my newspaper, check at pawn shops, i mean i found one that i was going to buy, untill they sold it to some other guy, 150 bucks for a p3 466mhz i think, god, i wanted it. DAMNIT. anyways, look on ebay, look around, ask friends, ask your rich friends too buy you one, if you dont have any rich friends, make some. I have one rich buddy, but I am below middle class too. so yeah, i am 15, i know you could buy a laptop if i can with the job ill have. i mean shit, its in august, get a good summer job at a computer shop, get discounts, and slowly work up to that laptop, and what not, thats what i am doing, and some of the money goes for DC. SO you have alot of options my friend, and make something on the DC forum asking people if they want to sell laptops if they have any.

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              check this out

              OH YEAH BABY


              currently, while i am looking at it, it is

              Currently $152.50
              Quantity 1 # of bids 5
              Time left 2 days, 21 hours +

              so hey, look on e bay, that baby is a good deal man,

              "This ThinkPad 600 features the Intel Mobile Pentium II 266MHz processor, a large active matrix display, 4GB hard drive, full-docking capability, and an UltraslimBay that holds the included cdrom drive or an optional DVD drive. Its beautifully crafted design integrates the finest mobile technology features while minimizing its weight and size. With a thin 1.4" profile and travel configurations less than 5 pounds"
              "We are the all singing, all dancing, crap of the world"-Fight CLub


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                Thx dude!


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                  its currently 305. i put a bid on it and the guy said hell go up to 500. i cant offord that much for som,ethign that small performance. thx anyways. the begging price was good !


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                    Defcon laptop

                    Hey Windowsme, what can I say, I feel your pain. If I was in NJ I'd take the entire office to your Dad's restaurant for dinner. A lot of folks have been hurt since 9/11. Anyway back to the posts....

                    If you can save and scrimp, do so and buy a laptop around mid July. That way you will have time to make sure that it works, and you will get the best deal. A $500 laptop today will be $400 in July. There are $1200 laptops today that are fully loaded. Be patient and let time be on your side, unless you need 6 months to learn programming or anything else in the meantime, however since you are posting here I take it that you already have a computer.

                    The #1 thing you need at the 'con are business cards. Even the cheapie home made ones so that others can stay in touch with you, print them with your name, e-mail and whatever else, it's great. I have handed out plenty of cards that say diddly on them, and receved as many in return, and the networking is amazing. They work.

                    As far as rides, 2 years ago we had 2 enpty seats, last year we had one, there are always folks offering rides and desperately looking for intelligent conversation for a 5 hour drive. I'm sure a rideshare and roomshare board will soon appear.

                    Lastly if you do get a cheap laptop, you can always sell it later when you upgrade. Laptops always have resale value. It is that first step that is the hard one.


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                      They have some cheaper starter laptops at the bottom of the page.
                      updated occasionaly with new refurbs
                      Nuke 'um till they glow
                      then shoot 'um in the dark


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                        Thats good my school has a print shop. I can make about a thousand buisiness cards.

                        yeah you are right. i looked im compusa magazine. they sell 600 mhz celeron. 18 gug hd. 16 vid. so i went to look at it. ($599)

                        The guy said for to ruturn in june when they release the pentium 4 advance or suttin. its suppose to be around 3 gigs. He said itll be way cheaper for a laptop. he said he can also get me a 30 % discount if i gaave him 20 bux. so he said i can get 800 mhz celeron 20 gig hd. dvd or burner 32 meg vid. for around $499

                        so hopefully ill be able to pick one up. i dont need fancy crap ust something i can run simple applications.


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                          me again

                          ME, looks like youre on the right track, however if you want to have a clue at defcon you really need some background info, and since you've got plenty of time left a few things you might want to look into is: Programming - any language will do but learn the basics and it will serve you well, not only at Defcon but throughout life, Networking - This is essential, Drinking - I know you are still in High School, but it is never too early to begin and it is a vital skill at Defcon.
                          Also, when you get that 'top, you might want to ditch that Windows crap and use a 'NIX system (Linux, FreeBSD , NetBSD, etc.) because though it will seem complicated at first it will pay off for you 100 fold down the road, but I'm not gonna tell you what to do, what the hell do I know?
                          Last year there was supposed to be a New England caravan to Defcon, that just sortof fell through (I followed it because I'm from New Hampshire) but maybe this year it will actually happen and you could hop on that! Despite the pain of riding in a car with several other (possibly obese) smelly guys from the East coast to Vegas, caravaning is really fun. Not to mention you could probably just pay them 100$ and they would take you there and back. To find out about caravans, keep watching here and at the Deathrace board ( ).
                          Anyways, good luck and we'll see you at the con!
                          Binary Bandito


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                            Re: Defcon laptop

                            Originally posted by astcell

                            The #1 thing you need at the 'con are business cards.
                            /me sighs and cringes
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                              what then, Chris?

                              burning little CD cards with you work would be nice, but the business cards work forme, I have a book of about 30 cards and I find the networking indispensable. Then again I am over 30 years old and work in the computer field, so maybe that's how us older folks work and think.


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                                Re: what then, Chris?

                                Originally posted by astcell
                                burning little CD cards with you work would be nice, but the business cards work forme, I have a book of about 30 cards and I find the networking indispensable. Then again I am over 30 years old and work in the computer field, so maybe that's how us older folks work and think.
                                I am also over 30 and work in computer security. I just don't think that "The #1 thing you need" at DefCon is business cards of any type. If you are looking to network for employment purposes, go to Black Hat. It is more geared toward the networking/shmoozing/professional side of things.

                                DefCon may be about a lot of things, but it is NOT about expanding your resume/contact list.

                                Last edited by Chris; February 25, 2002, 11:16.
                                perl -e 'print pack(c5, (41*2), sqrt(7056), (unpack(c,H)-2), oct(115), 10)'