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    One really cheap way of getting a notebook, is to go to the Newark airport and look for some business type dude with 10 bags on the floor yacking on a payphone, and..... just kidding.

    Pawn shops would be a good place to look.

    Try calling some companies and seeing if they have some old crap they are getting ready to sell. Most of these refurbished computer stores get their stock from bigger companies selling off the old, to make way for the new.


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      not resume fodder

      I'd never use defcon to get resume materials or search for new work, at least not on purpose. I'm sure that opportunities do fall into some people's lap there.

      Neither do I think Defcon is the place for the dot com preppies to "do lunch" and exchange addresses in their PDAs. We make friends at Defcon, even better than other places, and we want to talk with them again before the year is out.

      Old fogie me just figured that business cards were the way to go, but scribbling your e-mail down on the back of a napkin works too. Maybe someone say business cards in my post and equated it with showing up in a suit and tie. (Don't do that!)

      The best thing you will walk away with from Defcon is having met others with whom you connect, challenge, and feel challenged. A laptop is not necessary but it is nice, same with the cards, beer, digital camera, gambling $, Advil and a CAT5 cable.

      OKay back to having fun! ::soapbox off::


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        Hear Hear!

        Ok, so admittedly I've only been to Defcon once before, but I wholeheartedly agree that the whole shmoozing for contacts thing is merely a tiny part of a much larger thing. I feel that Defcon is supposed to be about learning about all cryptic stuff that they don't teach you at school, while hanging out with people who's outlook is a little skewed from common (end user) society. But if you make contacts there who can help you and whom you can help, more power to you .
        By the way, does anyone know anything about Mac networking or know where I can find a good Mac networking tutorial focusing on the 7.2 OS or earlier. I just found (outside buried in snow) a Macintosh with a network port, but cant seem to make it connect (I can't even ping it) to anything. Thanks a lot.
        Also, isn't HOPE this year. Oh god, I can just see it now: an entire Con road trip. I'm getting a boner just thinking about it! Who's with me?!!!


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          Considering the nature of defcon and some of the people who will be in attendence I would think long and hard about handing out a great deal of personal information such as name, address, phone number, birthdate, work history, email, comunity activity, charity work, school experience, etc. That would be just about everthing that someone would need to 1) steal your ID, or 2) guess at most of your passwords.

          Name, email, city of residense and state of residence (not full address though) should be enough for any business card. That tells them 1) Who you are, 2) how to get a hold of you, and 3) where in the country you life, ie are you local or not. If they need more info they can email you.


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            I usually just print up some calling cards that have my name, cell number, handle, and e-mail. It's easier than scribbling it down whenever I want to exchange info, but it doesn't give a ton of info.
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              Octal, that is all you need. I think last year I handed out 6 cards. No one should walk around volunteering information and expecting anything LESS than being hacked.