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    Originally posted by DJ Jackalope

    You know your DC was good if you dont remember it.
    If you can remember Defcon, you weren't there.
    the fresh princess of 1338

    What did I do to make you think I give a shit?


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      I been to 10 and will be going to 11. I wanted to go for years. All Through HS and college. Then one day I was reading a security paper and it mentioned defcon. I was like you know something I am going I got no commitments to any one I got a sweet job and tons and cash. Hence started my yearly visit to the con.
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        9 and 10 here as well.. and soon 11

        I had planned to attend Defcon 8, but ended up cancelling, since my birthday was soon after, I was turning 21, and I was going to vegas. 2 trips to vegas less than 2 months apart was beyond my budget. Plus I had never attended and didnt know what I was missing. I should have went, even If I was broke..

        Defcon 9:'s party - Dmitry Sklyarov, Arrested
        Defcon 10: Funniest Lecture Ive seen yet. Attacking Networked Embedded Systems by (FX and FtR of Phenoelit)

        I dont remember if this was Defcon 9 or 10. Something about "Japanese Press" who turned out not to be press, but police and arrested someone. Was this a rumor?

        Along with these memories is that of many a party being broken up, the water fountain changing substances and colors, and other general chaos and destruction.
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          There were some problems last year with a particular Japanese press team. They were repeatedly told not to film certain areas of the con (many folks would prefer to remain off the highlight reel), but they just couldn't seem to grasp the idea. iirc they were tossed from the hotel.

          You are a beautiful woman.


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            Between DC 6 & X, the 3 times I went were the absolute funnest parties I have ever been to, I don't know what finallly clicked this year, but my goal is to learn more and meet all the peeps that I've been reading about for the past year in these forums and here and there.

            Now if there was just a way I could stay up for 3 days straight, without drugs... because I don't want to miss anthing!
            I know this world is killing you..


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              i've been to defcon 9.

              wore the same damn cloths all weekend.


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                Noid: The Prophet (206'er) has been to every defcon including 1, as far as I know.

                (started at 4 myself...wore the first-ever "Got Root?" clothing item that I had custom made just months after the Got Milk ad campaign started. Shoulda copyrighted it and made a fortune.)



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                  ive gone to 11......................
                  the fresh prince of 1337

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                    DC6 hooked me (human)
                    DC7* missed it * ( stupid career... grumble grumble...)
                    DC8 got offered to work as a stagehand for raveroom/ b&w ball ( human)
                    DC9 made staff for raveroom/B&W ball ( goon)
                    DC10 Staff (goon)
                    DC11 Staff (goon)

                    it never gets old ... so long as it always changes every year.

                    the only question in life is , Why?


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                      This was my first con, and it was the most fun I have ever had.

                      The lectures were good when I didnt have to wait in line (thats my only beef with DCXI).
                      The party at pool 3 on sunday was my first DC party, and I will always remember it. I managed to avoid detection of my being drunk on the way back to my house (got a ride), so will therefore be able to go back next year :).

                      I cant wait...
                      Virtutis gloria merces