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Announcing April - May book selection, Daemon by Daniel Suarez.

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  • Announcing April - May book selection, Daemon by Daniel Suarez.

    Hello All! Announcing April - May book selection, Daemon by Daniel Suarez.

    I'm putting our first book selection at 8 weeks to read, we can meet here and have some discussion threads broken into 7 chapter increments. I think giving us roughly 8 weeks to read it seems fair right now, this book has 45 chapters. Until we figure out our collective groove and appoint a book club leader let's create a timeline and a reasonable pace. Maybe we can read one a month in the future but some books are longer than others and so we should remain flexible as a group. Some will obviously complete books faster than others, in that case I encourage you to keep discussing things in "Spoilers & Free Discussion" thread. There we can talk about things that are spoilers and everyone knows if they go there they might ruin the surprise. I encourage you to lead your comments with SPOILER WARNING, to be kind. For on pace reading for this book, I will be breaking out threads into Chapters 1 -7, 7-14, 14-21, until chapter 45.

    It is important to note a content warning, apparently there is a "drugged minor gang rape" described in chapters 3 - 4 according to a review on good-reads. A few reviewers commented that it was distasteful and graphic. Myself having been a rape survivor, I may skim this part, but as another person already mentioned, the book warrants a rape trigger warning. (I encourage all future book discussions to respectfully implement content warnings where it's appropriate, and If I see any mocking of such warnings in discussion I will quickly become your enemy. )

    I'm not sure if the way I am leading the group for the first run is the way we will always do it, admittedly this is the first time I've ran such an endeavor. I recommend that you contribute your thoughts regarding strategy, discussions, rules, and of course anything that you think would bring value to the content and the club.

    Some places you may be able to find the book are; Using your local library card number to check out books and audio books digitally. Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover, and Audible.

    I'm sure there are other places, if you're having trouble finding the book or need special versions, please post in here and as a group we can help you find what you need. If you have copies to "lend", please volunteer that information, users accept files at your own discretion.

    Please remember, I would also really appreciate someone stepping in and volunteering to run the club for the next book.

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    Here are this book's thread links for discussions.

    Daemon - Chapters 1 - 7
    Daemon - Chapters 7 - 14
    Daemon - Chapters 14 - 21
    Daemon - Chapters 21 - 28
    Daemon - Chapters 28 - 35
    Daemon - Chapters 35 - 42
    Daemon - Chapters 42 - 45 - THE ENDING
    Daemon - Spoilers & Free Discussion

    "Haters, gonna hate"


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      Hey Nikita! The unsavory seen can be skipped without losing the point of the plot. 👍


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        So away we go?

        Let's all start reading and posting questions and impressions in the first 1-7 chapters section:
        Daemon - Chapters 1 - 7

        Being hackers I'd love to geek out on some of the tech that is mentioned and seeing if it something that is now available.

        I understand the book was the inspiration for the DC DarkNet badge and project.
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          Thanks for organizing this! Just ordered the book on Amazon and look forward to discussing.


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            Just purchased the audible book. Look forward to having a good listen while working in the shop. Thank you


            • Nikita
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              I have the audiobook too. How are you feeling about the narrator's voice talents?

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            I finally made time to read the first book. Finished it today, I have to say I enjoyed it, and will probably have to read the second soon.


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              Originally posted by lancehudson View Post
              I finally made time to read the first book. Finished it today, I have to say I enjoyed it, and will probably have to read the second soon.
              I'm at the very end, things have been extremely hard to keep up with everything else going on. There are parts I like so far, and a few I don't I'm eager to finish.
              "Haters, gonna hate"